When viewing the Fiscal Periods in list form, all dates/times are correct by starting on the first of the month and ending on the last day of the month.

However, when selecting the fiscal period for accruals via the pop out menu some dates are showing as an hour ahead putting the end date/time as the first of the next month.

Notice the Fiscal end date time is 1 hour ahead. This makes it switch to the next day as well.

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This issue is caused by Daylight Savings Time (DST). Often any Time Zone used based on location (Europe/London) will encounter DST.

GMT time isn't supposed to account for DST.
If you specify a time zone based on location (E.x Europe/London), the system automatically adjusts for daylight saving time. Whereas GMT would usually stay the same year round.

Here is the Documentation on Time Zones in the Orlando Release:


The fix for this issue is 1 of three things.

  1. Set the Time Zone to GMT+x (+ or - x being the variable) instead of a location based TZ.
  2. Have the end user change their personal time zones.
  3. Have the user change the system time zone every 6 months. (This is not preferable)

The issue we see in the picture above exists within a different table, "fiscal_period". The "cost_plan_breakdown" table has a reference field linking to the fiscal_period table where it draws it's date/time information. Upon loading this cost_plan_breakdown list, the end date/time is generated with the system (Or user) time zone information. If the time zone has a DST adjustment associated with it, then it is generated on load and changes the Fiscal end date time field on that list view above.

This cost_plan_breakdown table is associated with the "Project Portfolio Management with Financials" application. Though this issue is with DST, the picture is showing the table "cost_plan_breakdown" to show the invalid Fiscal end date time issue.

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