Azure deprovisioning fails for virtual machines with "StandardSSD_LRS" storage account type with the following error:
"Storage account type 'StandardSSD_LRS' is supported by Microsoft.Compute API version 2018-04-01 and above"

This is because the API version we are using is 2016-12-01 which does not support StandardSSD_LRS.

Steps to Reproduce

1/ Create an Azure VM in CMP using ARM
2/ Attach a disk to that VM in CMP with type StandardSSD_LRS
3/ Deprovision the VM

Expected Behavior: Deprovisioning successfully

Actual Behavior: CMP successfully completes the action and updates CMDB while the VM does not get deprovisioned on Azure side


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As a workaround, you can change the API version used by updating the MID server property for "virtualmachines" resources to use 2018-04-01 API version instead of 2016-04-30-preview:


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