• You notice that your flow is stuck on "ask for approval" action


  • go to table [sys_rw_action]
  • on condition column, search where it contains the sys_id of the record approval is being asked for, usually the task record
  • if you get any results, proceed to next step, if you get no results, open case in HI
  • check if the created by on these responder records match to the start of the "ask for approval" action
  • if a responder record exists and it's on the table of record being approve
  • then you can approve/reject the task record to make the flow advance forward


In the screenshot above, all responder records exist, so rejecting or approving the [sysapproval_approver] record will advance the flow, however, there might be cases where it might not be there, and the only one will be the one pointing to the task record.

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Last Updated:2020-06-16 03:09:29