Time Card Error when Generate Time Card selected: "Time cards are only allowed against project tasks for the project ________"


This is an expected error caused by the "Check if time cards allowed" Business Rule.
Essentially, there is a setting on each Project record that states if Time Cards are allowed for only Project records, only Project Task records, or both.

When you generate Time Cards, it will check if you are either assigned to the Task or have Hard Allocations against the Task.

When we look into the Project mentioned, we may see that there are Hard Allocations directly against the PRJ record on a Resource Plan. Or they are Assigned to the Project.
We can also go the Preferences tab on the Project form and notice that the field called "Allow time card reporting on" is set to "Project tasks only".

When you do the generation, it attempts to do it for the Project since the user has Allocations but fails due to the Project Preference and thus you get the error.

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Last Updated:2020-06-09 06:15:05