An encoded value("&") for "&" is displayed for the tooltip on Analytics Hub page.
Similarly this also applies to other characters like ä and ö that are escaped and show "ä" or "ö" for example.

Steps to Reproduce

Precondition : Breakdown element should contain a special character (Eg: FP&A )
1. Create any breakdown dashboard. (Eg: With breakdown source "Incident.Category")
2. Add any widget to the dashboard that follows the above breakdown filter. (Eg: Time Series with Aggregrate View and follows Breakdown filter)
3. Select a breakdown element that has the special character (Eg: FP&A).
4. Now, click on the widget to navigate to Analytics Hub with breakdown filter applied.
5. Mouse hover on the series to view the tooltip.

Issue: Special characters are encoded i.e., & is displayed as "&"
Expected: Special characters should NOT be encoded and displayed as is.

NOTE: Issue is same when navigated with Dynamic Elements applied to the widget.


The only workaround there is, until upgrading to Orlando release or up, would be to rename the items to not have special characters.
So "ä", "ö", or "&" could perhaps be replaced by "a", "o" or "and" dependent on your situation.

Related Problem: PRB1364712

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