The user is trying to reset his/her Instance password from the Instance login page "Forgot password" option. They fill the required details and submit. It gives the confirmation that password reset mail has been sent but the user has never received the password.

Release or Environment

All Release


Here are the points need to verify in order to fix the issue:

- Verify if this is happening for all the users or any specific user.

- Check if user is able to receive other notifications like incident creation, incident update, etc.

- When a user tries to reset the password, check sysevent table on the instance and verify if the "password.reset" event got triggered. 

- Impersonate the user on the instance and check their preferences for the notification especially the Primary Email Address value. Make sure it has the correct email address.

- Make sure user has subscribed to the password notification.

- Check cmn_notif_device table and see if proper device type is configured for the user. If not, create one device by setting Type as Email and correct email address.

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Last Updated:2020-06-05 20:35:28