• Sometimes there is a requirement to get a csv file which charset is UTF-8 BOM for user management.

  • Some international characters such as Korean are broken:



  • ServiceNow does not support Byte order mark also known as BOM

  • As the unicode website states, the use of a BOM is neither required nor recommended for UTF-8. It can also lead to the next side effects:
    1. Files with no text are no longer empty as they always contain the BOM.
    2. Files with text that is within the ASCII subset of UTF-8 is no longer themselves ASCII because the BOM is not ASCII
    3. It makes some existing tools break down, and it can be impossible for users to replace such legacy tools.
    4. It is not feasible to concatenate several files because each file now has a BOM at the beginning.


Avoid the use of Byte order mark in your CSV files, especially for integration purposes or replace the BOM content if possible

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Last Updated:2020-06-08 01:28:32