When attempting to predict the service of a case submitted by email, no prediction is made

Steps to Reproduce

On a New York or Orlando instance with:
-- "Predictive Intelligence" and "Human Resources: Core" installed
-- trained classification solution using OOB ml_x_snc_hr_case_categorization solution definition

1. Create a new HR Case record via email to invoke the "Predict COE, Service after insert" BR.

Expected: The BR in turn calls the hr_CaseAjax script include (sys_id: b25370019f22120047a2d126c42e7000) that should make the prediction for the HR Service of the new HR Case record.
Actual: No prediction is made, and the localhost logs show an error message (see below)

Additional Context:
-- Error message from logs:

2020-03-03 10:53:27 (972) worker.7 worker.7 txid=4cd77a8a1b53 WARNING *** WARNING *** Evaluator: org.mozilla.javascript.EcmaError: Cannot read property "hr_service" from undefined
Caused by error in sys_script_include.b25370019f22120047a2d126c42e7000.script at line 20


Within script include hr_CaseAjax (sys_id: b25370019f22120047a2d126c42e7000), there is a method named "predict".

Within this function, there is code that checks whether the user can read records in the "sn_hr_core_ai_configuration" table. This code is unnecessary as the records are for configuration and are not returned to the user in any way.

To fix, near line 170, change this:

   gr.addQuery('use_case', 'email_categorization');
   gr.addQuery('sys_domain', domain);
   if (!gr.canRead())
   else if (! {

To this:

   gr.addQuery('use_case', 'email_categorization');
   gr.addQuery('sys_domain', domain);
   if (! {

Related Problem: PRB1390740

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