A user is not able to add the child Incident records to the Major incident using Major Incident Workbench. The same user is able to add the child Incident records to Incident in form view. Admin users do not have this problem.


The code that adds the Incidents is defined in the Script Include MIMWorkbenchUtil under the function addChildTasks. There are two conditions, here's the relevant code:

var table = "incident";
var parentColumn = "parent_incident";
var taskGr = new GlideRecord(table);
if (taskGr.canWrite() && taskGr.getElement(parentColumn).canWrite()) { <===

For an admin user the two conditions on the last line will result to true, but for other users the second one might result to false (taskGr.getElement(parent_incident).canWrite()). As a result the code is not executed. To correct this you need to ensure the user has write permissions to the column parent_incident on the table incident.

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Last Updated:2020-06-03 08:58:29