Change Approval Policy - How can we return multiple rows of conflict in the change approval policy wf activity’s policy input?

Since we can only define policy input for conflict as a reference field, the reference field can hold only one conflict value. Is it possible per the existing platform behavior?

The short answer to this question is that its a product limitation.

But there are multiple ways to get to check whether the change has a blackout conflict or not.

1. We can have the Policy Input has [Eg: Blackout_Conflict] and the type either has a True/False OR Integer
2. Then we can script the workflow activity of the change approval policy like

answer = {
blackout_conflict: 0

answer.blackout_conflict = func_name()

function func_name(){
Manipulate the values here [GetRowCount, check for a blackout etc...]

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Last Updated:2020-06-02 19:08:47