The Safe Workplace Dashboard combines views of data from the Emergency Readiness and Safe Workplace applications:
  • Employee Health Screening
  • Emergency Outreach
  • Workplace PPE Inventory Management
  • Emergency Self Report
  • Employee Readiness Surveys
  • Workplace Safety Management

Data in these applications are correlated in the Safe Workplace Dashboard by locations [cmn_location]. Some examples:

  • Stockrooms in the Workplace PPE Inventory Management application
  • Employee Request Entry records
  • Users [sys_user], affecting:
    • Self Report
    • Emergency Outreach and Readiness Surveys

PPE inventory is stored in a stockroom. When the stockroom parent location has multiple buildings associated with it, inventory counts in the Safe Workplace Dashboard for the location are multiplied by the number of buildings.

This also affects the Employee Health Screening results: if a screening result is associated with a location that has more than one building, the number of screening results is multiplied by the number of buildings in the Safe Workplace Dashboard.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create a location with a campus and 4 buildings.
  2. Create a stockroom assigned to the location.
  3. Add 100 N95 masks to the stockroom.
  4. Run PA data collection for dashboard.
  5. Click campus/location on Safe Workplace Dashboard map. 400 PPE items show in stock instead of 100.
  6. View "PPE Inventory" indicator in Analytics Hub. The iIndicator shows 400 units.


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There is presently no workaround for locations that have multiple buildings. In order for data to display correctly, any location used for data represented in Safe Workplace Dashboard should not have more than one building associated with it.

Related Problem: PRB1407672

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