• Observed the below error during mid server installation.

     ENV:Fault><faultcode>wsse:InvalidSecurity</faultcode><faultstring>An error was discovered processing the WS-Security header</faultstring><detail>Invalid Security Policy Selected. Select a Inbound policy for Inbound  Requests</detail></SOAP-ENV:Fault></SOAP-ENV:Body></SOAP-ENV:Envelope>

     (810) Thread-4 WARNING *** WARNING *** SOAP server error reported by ServiceNow instance, user 'midserverqa3@accenture' may be missing the 'soap_script' role

     (816) Thread-4 DEBUG: Event: StartupTestResultEvent

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  • The listed error messages are encountered are with respect to a WS-security SOAP message.

  • We come across these errors when the value of the property "Require WS-Security header verification for all incoming SOAP requests" is set to "Yes" from the default OOB value of       "No".

  • This property can be visible under Navigator > System Web Services > Properties

  • Changing the value of the above property to "No" should help fix the issue with the installation.

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