When clicking the "Copy Change" button on change request form, below mentioned fields ( As defined in the Out of box Property ) should get copy in the New Change. UI Action : Copy Change Property : com.snc.change_request.copy.attributes Value : category,business_service,cmdb_ci,priority,risk,impact,type,assignment_group,assigned_to,short_description,description,change_plan,backout_plan,test_plan  

Release or Environment

Newyork Patch 7a


This is the expected behavior based on the dictionary configuration of those fields. There is an attribute called "ignore_filter_on_new" which has been added to a number of fields on the Task and Change Request tables (see

The fields that are not be copied when using "Copy change" all have this attribute set.

The attribute prevents a value from being applied to a new record from a "sysparm_query=" parameter that is included in the URL.
"Copy change" uses the "sysparm_query" to pass the values from the Change Request that is being copied to the new Change Request.

In the test environment currently I have removed the attribute "ignore_filter_on_new" for those two fields “Assignment Group” and “Assigned To” in the dictionary configuration .


Remove the attribute "ignore_filter_on_new" from the dictionary configuration of those two fields in your other instances well , your issue will be resolved.

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Last Updated:2020-05-26 03:00:02