Using the OOB Virtual Agent conversation (Check IT Ticket Status) when the user has more than the limit of paged records, the bot returns the first set twice before displaying the second set of paged records.


We found that it is a valid issue in NY instances. This is reproducible on any NY instance if NLU is enabled in Virtual Agent. However, we are not able to reproduce it in Orlando and it looks like it is fixed in the Orlando version. We could not find the problem that fixed this issue. It might have fixed with other VA platform changes.

The issue is in ReferenceChoicePicker specifically in 'Get Record' step with Reference Type as Script. It should work fine if Reference Type is Record. As a workaround, the user can modify not to use ReferenceType as a script till the time you can upgradeOrlando. The dev team also confirmed the same.

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Last Updated:2020-05-20 19:47:26