Alerts are not moving to the Maintenance state even when there is an active change scheduled for the CI.

Release or Environment

All release.


The main reason for this issue was because the Change had a state set to "Implementation" value of 7 whereas Out of the Box we require the State to be either Scheduled, Implement, Work in Progress, or Open/New with respective values of (Values: -2, -1, 1, 2).

  • This is one of the conditions that need to match in order for the 'CI in Change Window' maintenance rule to take effect.

CI in Change Window

Where the CI has an active change window, the matching CIs are marked as being in maintenance status.

The rule runs a query against the change request [change_request] table to determine whether the rule is applied. All these conditions in the change_request table must be met:
      • State is one of these options: Scheduled, Implement, Work in Progress, or Open/New (state in (-2, -1, 1, 2)).
      • Approval is Approved (approval = 'approved').
      • The change request window is active, that is, the current time is between Planned start date and Planned end date, or the current time is between Actual start date and Actual end date.
      • The change request record is not an on-hold record (on_hold='false').

Note: All these conditions must be present for the CI to be placed in maintenance status by this rule. For example, if the State of the change request approval status is Change is waiting for approval, then the change is not added to the em_impact_maint_ci table.


A custom state was being used as the state for the Change Request. The Change had state set to "Implementation" value of '7'.

  • From the documentation, the State should be either Scheduled, Implement, Work in Progress, or Open/New (Values: -2, -1, 1, 2).

To fix the issue, one of the out of the box values for 'State' needs to be used. As this functionality is based on an internal code, we cannot include custom values.

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Last Updated:2020-06-15 03:06:22