In the project preferences tab, there is an option to show/not show project details in the program status report.
Whatever is selected (true or false) the program costs do not change


Steps to reproduce:

Issue was reproduced out of the box in Orlando
Create a Program
Create a Project underneath with financials
See that the financials roll up to the program
Run a status report, see that the financials are shown
On the project, preferences tab, untick the 'show on program status report'
Rerun the program status report or create a new one, see that the financials are still the same, tick/untick the project has no effect


Alternatively, open out of the box base system program:
- Program : Sales Enablement Program
Navigate to and click Related Link : Status Report
Review the Costs and the Project KPIs

Navigate to Related List : Projects
Display the field : Show on Program Status Report
Set the field value to false on two projects
On the Program form, navigate to and click Related Link : Status Report
Observe that the projects are not displayed in Project KPIs (this is the correct behaviour)
Observe that the costs are exactly the same as when the field was checked.
The costs related to the excluded projects are still included in status report (this is incorrect behaviour)


PRB1403758  was created but Development team confirmed that this is working as expected.


The functionality is working as expected and as designed.

The "Show on Program Status Report" field will decide whether to consider the project status reports in the respective program status report.
It does not handle any financial fields.

For example lets consider a program "program1" and two projects under it "p1" and "p2".
So if you uncheck the field for a specific project "p2", then rollup's of program status report for "program1" won't consider the project status report values of "p2" .

Please review the following documentation for additional information on what fields on program status reports will get rolled up based on project status reports.

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