On an instance with one language plugin installed or more, we can have an issue where the table name that appears in the form header (top left hand corner) is not being translated properly to the table name in the other language.

Release or Environment

This is happening on all different releases.


The main section in the form has a caption while it should be empty.


In form layout, wether the form has one section or more, the main section should not have a caption, since the table name is used as the caption of it. Then the table name will be translated properly, like in every other place in the platform where the table name is mentioned.

If the form main section does have a caption, then the platform will try to look for a translation for the caption in the sys_translated table, instead of looking for a translation for the table name, which exists in the sys_documentation table.


The solution is very simple: Delete the form main section caption. The record we are looking for is from the sys_ui_section table.

1. Go to sys_ui_view.list

2. Enter the relevant view

3. Find the form main section:

3a. If the form has one section:

  • Look for the table name in the Form Sections related list
  • You should be left with one record. Enter the record

3b. If the form has more than one section:

  • Look for the table name in the Form related list
  • You should be left with one record, enter the record
  • In the Form Sections related list, find the one record with Position = 0
  • After entering the record, click on the reference icon next to the Sys UI section field, and then Open Record

4. Delete the value in the Caption field, leaving it empty

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Last Updated:2020-05-18 08:48:06