When coding notifications, it is common to have to use variable substitution with variables like ${number}

It was reported that some of those variables do not return any value whilst some do.


The reason why such variables do not work is because coding like ${number} only works on the current GlideRecord and when fields that are in related fields, then 'dot walking' coding should be used that provides the path to the table using a dot.


To be able to output related fields values, dot walking variables are required. For example if the current notification is associated with the [sysapproval_approver] table, the items being approved are not in that table but in a related table (RDBMS relationship)

To be able to get the value of the Item being approved, follow this example:


that is because the field number does not belong to the table [sysapproval_approver] but to the related record in the change table that is referenced in the variable document_id.

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Last Updated:2020-05-20 07:20:26