On a change request form, there is a related list for the Affected CIs. With right list control, New button can appear on this. Now, if an ITIL user follows the below steps with the new button, it creates the CI record, but does not save the field values with which he/she was creating the CI.

1. Impersonate as ITIL user.
2. Navigate to Change module and create a change.
3. click on 'New' on the Affected CI related list and select any one of the class and fill all the mandatory information.
4. click back and click on save.

Expected: CI will be created with the details given

Actual: Record gets created without data.


Below ACL might have been customised. It checks roles through the roles embedded list for itil and asset role and no associated script check is performed. Refer the screenshot to configure the ACL correctly.


Revert to the OOB version of the ACL

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Last Updated:2020-05-14 02:17:19