Display differences in Internet Explorer Knowledge Article table compared to Chrome.

See attached screenshots.

Release or Environment

Tested and verified on my end:

Orlando Patch 2.
New York Patch 7a.
Madrid Patch 10 Hotfix 1a


This was being caused due to the HTML Source Code on the HTML field "Article Body" in the kb_knowledge table referring to an outdate HTMl attribute "nowrap".


Ensure that the Source Code of the HTML field does not have the attribute "nowrap" mentioned.

  1. Application Navigator ---> kb_knowledge.list
    2. Search for and open the affected record
    3. On the "Article Body" HTML field, press the source code (<>) button.
    4. Within the HTML source code, find and delete all attributes "nowrap".
    - Alternatively, use a text editor such as Word, and do a Replace and Find all for "nowrap" and replace it to empty. Then copy and paste this into the HTML Source Code.
    5. Save the record.
    6. Now the table will display as expected.

Alternatively, if you still want to use "nowrap" attribute in latest browsers such as Chrome use white-space:nowrap; style as mentioned in this stackoverflow discussion:

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