Pattern "Solaris Server" fails with identification error similar to the one below:

identification_engine : DUPLICATE_PAYLOAD_RECORDS Found duplicate items in the payload (index 704 and 702), using className [cmdb_ci_disk_partition] and fields [name]. Remove duplicate items from the payload.

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In the input payload, items in index 1 and index 2 are solaris servers. Item in index 0 is a disk partition and there are two dependency relations for index 0 in the payload - {"parent":1,"child":0,"type":"Contains::Contained by"},{"parent":2,"child":0,"type":"Contains::Contained by"}. So you get the multiple dependencies error.

identification_engine : MULTIPLE_DEPENDENCIES Found multiple dependent relation items [{"parent":2,"child":0,"type":"Contains::Contained by"}] and [{"parent":1,"child":0,"type":"Contains::Contained by"}] in payload

If the steps "17. Solaris - Network ARP Tables" and "19. Solaris - Storage" from the Solaris Server pattern are disabled, then discovery completes without any error.


Add step "19.74. Remove duplicates from disk partitions" to shared library "19. Solaris - Storage" to remove the duplicated records for disk partitions based on the ID of the partition (PartitionId) before populating the data into table "cmdb_ci_disk_partition". Attached is the modified XML record of the shared library "19. Solaris - Storage"

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