Orlando Patch 3 : Known Errors

This article presents notable known errors in  Orlando Patch 3, grouped by severity and organized by category. Not all known errors appear on this page. Click the link in the Article column to view details about each known error. To view other families and versions, see the  Known Error Portal.

Note: The severity level does not indicate the order in which issues will be fixed, which is determined by a combination of variables.

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Severity 1

The following table lists notable Severity 1 known errors in this patch.

KB0727701PRB631444Business Logic ProcessingChanging the sys_class_name of a record can result in the record being deleted if Mandatory field Data Policy prevents the insert in the target table

Severity 2

The following table lists notable Severity 2 known errors in this patch.

KB0727122PRB1113671DiscoveryDiscovery - Sensors business rule runs for non-Discovery ecc_queue inputs.
KB0727944PRB1238857Forms and FieldsWhen saving a read-only currency field its value may be converted to default US Dollars automatically
KB0713179PRB1240595ListsM2MList ajax call fails with a large set of m2m_selected_ids values
KB0688470PRB1248469Vulnerability ResponseUpdates to the sn_vul_vulnerable_item.age column causes text index events to back up
KB0727642PRB1250745PersistenceSlowness and potential browser lock up in reports when there is a dot-walked filter condition on a CMDB table (Table Per Partition extension model)
KB0684402PRB1270022Performance Analytics[DOMAIN] Spotlight Job doesn't collect spotlights for empty user and "Use snapshots" property
KB0722859PRB1272983Import / ExportDocument Viewer inline only works for PDF documents
KB0717976PRB1288212VA-Web ClientThe virtual agent does not translate based on user language while using the internationalization plugin
KB0692003PRB1292140DiscoveryDiscovery creates duplicate models after enabling the Normalization Data Services plugin
KB0717208PRB1305469Clone IssuesExcluding table-per-class (TPC) extended tables from a clone can cause orphaned Discovery Credentials with the 'Record not found' error when trying to open them
KB0754246PRB1316881Security Access Control ListsVA - On Service Portal when VA widget is display and user it NOT logged in, conversation does not display
KB0727700PRB1328367Application Navigator & Banner FrameBanner image cannot be changed in Madrid
KB0750599PRB1335372DiscoveryCredentials are not validating when IAM profile configured mid is pointed to instance
KB0778290PRB1361188AssessmentsChange Risk Assessment calculates incorrect normalised actual values not multiplied by weight
KB0793158PRB1362706Performance AnalyticsPA Widget - Pies or Donuts & Column having no data show a single line instead of "No content available"
KB0793453PRB1368103Dashboards and Home Pages[Quebec][Dependency Assessment] Individual nodes on the tree are not announced properly when they have focus
KB0793177PRB1369986Performance Analytics[waiting close approval] Antivirus Events - The link to view the table is marked up as a heading even though it is not a heading for any particular section of content
KB0793552PRB1374684UI BuilderItems/Labels in UI Builder Configuration panel are not translated with i18n plugins
KB0793967PRB1380126DiscoveryDiscovery causing IP Address flapping: Existing value is still changed by the Pattern to the IP we are scanning, and then changed straight back in an unwanted second update
KB0825512PRB1380393Flow DesignerUpdate to the field using Inline Script fails when the flow is configured with "Inbound Email" trigger.
KB0813636PRB1385357MID ServerMID Server can fail to install or upgrade to Orlando due to new external connectivity requirement to for OCSP certification revocation verification check
KB0820122PRB1388587Service MappingWrong JSON parsing of "glide.ui.date_format" property causes accessibility problem to application services
KB0817926PRB1390666PatternsUnable to run horizontal discovery on some linux machines due to a NaN value being passed to Linux/Unix Pre Sensor
KB0819224PRB1392062Encryption/CryptographyMy Company Applications will not load if the Key Management Framework plugin is installed in Orlando
KB0822721PRB1394018Service MappingApplication Map is not loading when "Service Analytics"feature is enabled [sa_analytics.rca_enabled=true]
KB0822986PRB1400502Delegated DevelopmentIn Orlando, delegated developer unable to publish an application to application repository
KB0824645PRB1404335Store ITOM Content for DiscoveryAzure Resource Inventory pattern error "reference table cmdb_key_value is not a known CI Type" due to missing related entry
KB0826461PRB1406629MID ServerAfter Upgrade to Orlando, MID Server fails to connect to Instance with "last block incomplete in decryption" if the proxy password is blank
KB0827313PRB1408638DiscoveryDiscovery Scans remain Active or get Cancelled at max runtime, due to Multi-page pattern sensors not being marked as complete (wrongly created records in discovery_multi_page_optimistic_lock table)
KB0549804PRB630133WorkflowIn list view, task.stage breaks UI rendering and throws a "jQuery is not defined" error when using UI11
KB0598187PRB668806Project Portfolio ManagementCannot list edit related list if the Related List Loading option 'After Form Loads' or 'On-demand' is selected
KB0623129PRB718318System ApplicationsUnable to launch Studio via Studio module when UI11 is enabled

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