A breakdown widget using real-time indicator displays "No data to display" on the dashboard if it has scores collected for the current date.

Steps to Reproduce

1- Have a real-time indicator "Number of open incidents".
2- Create a Data collection Job for the above indicator and set the relative end " 0 days Ago" to ensure the scores are collected for today.
3- Run collection.
4- Create a breakdown widget and add the indicator "Number of open incidents" as main indicator.
5- Choose a breakdown - 'Age' and visualization as 'Pie'.
6 -Add the widget to a dashboard.
7- Go to the dashboard and notice that the widget displays - No data to display message.
8- Now uncheck the "show real time scores" option from "other" tab on "indicator form".
9- Go to the dashboard and notice the widget works.


This behaviour is expected and by design in all currently supported releases.

As a workaround, update the data collection job to collect for the previous day.

Related Problem: PRB1392861

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There is no data to report.

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There is no data to report.

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