Outlook Actionable Messages always return "This Survey is no longer valid" in O365 client


System OAuth --> Application Registry --> Outlook Actionable 

OAuth OIDC Provider Configuration = 'Microsoft Office'  uses  email address for Outlook Actionable Messages for Authentication , when user takes the survey from O365, email address has to be unique on the sys_user table.  Two Users in the with same email address (User Administration --> Users) , during Authentication may pick the wrong user and give "Survey is invalid message"



Go to the sys_user table and check if the "UserA" email address matches with any other user which matches with the User in the logs.

User Administration --> Users




Update the email address of USERB to something else , other than the USERA email address.

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Steps to troubleshoot : 

1. Make sure the survey is valid and user who got the notification takes the survey.

UserA' gets the email notification with the survey link. 'UserA' can take the survey using browser , so the survey is valid.

2. Then test another survey notification and when USERA (who got the notification) clicks on Submit "This Survey is no longer valid".

3. Check the logs

2020-05-xx xx:xx:xx (xxx) API_INT-thread-3 SYSTEM txid=cde35f99999 HTTP authorization validated user 'USERB'

2020-05-xx xx:xx:xx (xxx) API_INT-thread-3 SYSTEM txid=cde35f99999 OAM - validation check failed for survey instance <Sys_id of the survey instance>"


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