While loading a change_request form, sometimes it takes up to 30 seconds to load. At the same time a REST call is created to a remote end point.

Release or Environment

Any supported release.


There is a UI action in the form that includes in the condition section a call to a custom script includes. For example:

Condition:     myScrip(current.correlation_id) && current.correlation_id != ''


It was found that scrip includes 'myScrip'  makes a call to an external REST service to get  a value back.  Since ServiceNow engine checks the UI Action conditions onLoad of the forms, it forces a call to script includes myScrip( ) to evaluate the condition. As a consequence a call to a REST service was executed.

The form load will not  complete until the REST request is completed.


Modify your UI action conditions in a way to avoid a call to the external REST service.

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Last Updated:2020-05-07 02:46:29