Upon upgrade to Orlando, our user reported that their "cmdb_ci" field on the Change Request form was no longer visible, previously visible task_slas on task records were no longer showing, and reports on task_slas were broken. The user wanted to know what happened.


This was due to the user not having the High Security Settings Plugin (HSSP) in their system.

Many of the ACLs which allow access to the reported fields/functions are from the HSSP, which the customer did not have active.


As mentioned above, it was determined that the user did not have the High Security Settings plugin (HSSP) enabled in any of their environments, which is why they were not able to see their task_slas, report on task_slas, or view the cmdb_ci field, as the needed ACLs to see the cmdbi_ci field, view task_slas on task records, and report task_slas come from that plugin.

It is recommended that the user carefully read through the documentation for the HSSP. Then, determine if they would like to install is, as again, the ACLs needed to perform the above functions come directly from the HSSP.

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Last Updated:2020-05-06 07:10:30