When the risk assessment related link is clicked a popup page appears and an assessment record is created in the assessment tab

If the data is not filled and the popup page is closed then the assessment record which is in state of ready to take is deleted

Steps to reproduce:

1. Open any change record

2.Click on risk assessment related link

3.A popup page will be shown before submitting it check the same change request on other form where a record assessment tab is seen

4.Instead of submitting click on close icon

5.Now check the assessment tab where the record is deleted


This is an expected oob behavior where the assessment record will be deleted if data is not entered and popup page is closed

This functionality is developed in the script include 'ChangeRiskAsmtAjax' there is a 'deleteAsmtInstanceAjax' function which is triggered from the ui action 'risk assessment'


For the requirement of not getting the assessment records deleted need to customize the above ui action 'risk assessment' and the script include 'ChangeRiskAsmtAjax'

Script include:https://<instance-name>.service-now.com/sys_script_include.do?sys_id=cf5dd294d7233200532c24837e610337&sysparm_view=&sysparm_record_target=sys_script_include&sysparm_record_row=2&sysparm_record_list=nameSTARTSWITHchangerisk%5EORDERBYname&sysparm_record_rows=3

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