Installed the ServiceNow Add-in to the outlook add-in in the outlook client and activated it using the xml manifest downloaded from the instance > Office Manifest > Servicenow for CSM. Being admin user, when we access the plugin from outlook, it does not discover the contact or any cases.

It also does not do anything when we try to create contact or case from the plugin.

Release or Environment

Orlando and Above


Here are the few things, you need to make sure before doing the test:

# Below plugins must be installed on your instance:

- Customer service (com.sn_customerservice)
- CSM Extension for Proxy Contacts (com.snc.csm_proxy_contacts)
- ServiceNow Add-In for Microsoft Outlook (com.sn_outlook_addin)

# Below roles must be present for the user who is using the Outlook Add-in for CSM:

- sn_customerrservice.contact_manager
- sn_customerrservice.proxy_contact

Once all the required plugins are activated and roles are assigned, re-authenticate the user in the outlook add-in.

Then check the plugin against any selected email and see if add-in show be able to discover the contact from the instance

Additional Information


Check product document from below link:

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