Push notifications not received on Android Agent app, but received on iOS Agent app for the customer with the Vanity URL

Steps to Reproduce

0. Login to the Agent mobile app on Android with the vanity URL:
1. Access the instance on desktop browser
2. Trigger push notification by insert/update operation.
3. Make sure that push notification is triggered with the above operation
4. Navigate to sys_push_notification table and observe that the Push message was generated but not received on mobile device.


This is a known error in Servicenow Agent version 9.2.0 and lower. Any user's using the Servicenow agent version 9.2.0 in android device with a vanity URL will not receive push notification.

Inorder to overcome this user's should update servicenow agent app version to 10.0.0 to get push notifications in android device with vanity URL ; however, to ensure that the instance name in the MobileDeepLinkGenerator script include matches the vanity url.

In Servicenow Agent app 10.0.1 version everything should work with no need for a workaround.

Related Problem: PRB1397194

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Fixed In

Android Mobile GA 10.0.2 (Agent, Mobile, Onboarding & Support)

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Last Updated:2020-04-30 23:48:42