After the successful discovery of a Load Balancer, the following relationships can be seen to be created in the cmdb_rel_ci:

1)'Used by: Uses'  -> load balancer service(cmdb_ci_lb_service)  and the load balancer pool(cmdb_ci_lb_pool)

2) 'Runs on: Runs' -> load balancer service(cmdb_ci_lb_service)  and load_balancer(cmdb_ci_lb)

But the above relationships is not visible on the the cmdb_ci_lb_service CI Record in the relationship view.

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There is a 'cmdb_rel_filter' table where there are entries which filters out the relations for Load Balancers, their respective Service and Pools This is an OOTB (out-of-the-box) behaviour. 
Please refer the screenshot below:

The above filters out the relationships, restricting it to be visible on the CI Record although there are valid relations in the cmdb_rel_ci table.


Set the 'active' field to 'false' for the entries related to Load balancer under 'cmdb_rel_filter' table for the upstream and downstream relations for the Load Balancer devices to be visible. The dependency map view will also be shown for the load balancer service records.

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Last Updated:2020-06-17 16:18:01