New MID Server service on linux fails to start if another MID server is already installed on the same host and agent log files are not created.


As documented in the Install a MID Server on Linux, only one MID Server can be installed per host:

  • "You cannot install more than one MID Server service as a daemon on a Linux host. This is a limitation of the Tanuki wrapper service."

However, it is possible to run (not install) more than one MID Server if no MID Servers are installed. The drawback of running MID servers without installing them is that the service will not be started on host restart.

Note: Installation of linux MID server is performed by running:

${base_install_dir}/agent/bin/ install


Confirm linux MID server is installed:

  1. Run following command and check that the output is not empty
    systemctl | grep "mid.service"

Remove references to service:

  1. Stop service
    systemctl stop mid.service
  2. Disable service
    systemctl disable mid.service
  3. Remove systemd references
    rm /etc/systemd/system/mid.service
    rm /usr/lib/systemd/system/mid.service
  4. Reload
    systemctl daemon-reload
    systemctl reset-failed

Start MID server services

  1. Navigate to each MID server folder and run

Note: Do not run "./ install" on this host

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Other KBs regarding MID Server service on linux startup issues:

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