No options to compress in Android ServiceNow classic mobile app. In iOS there is an option provided to compress the image to a smaller size thus making faster uploads and also faster image processing. This is not the case in Android App.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Go to any Servicenow instance using classic mobile app.
2. Open any record (RITM/ INC / WOT)
3. Notice that there is an option to upload an image in the record. Take a picture and try to upload it.
4. In iOS there is an option to compress the image (which the customers are using and the performance is faster)

Do the same steps in Android there is no option to get the attachment resize done and this larger image gets uploaded and then causes some delay in uploading the image.


As per the development team, This is currently not supported in the Android Classic application.

Related Problem: PRB1397522

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Last Updated:2020-04-24 06:25:11