When a user opens an Agile Sprint board, a visual task board is created and the owner is one of the random users on the board.

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The Visual Task Board being generated is the expected and Out of the Box behavior.
It is defined in the "AgileBoardVtb" Script Include, specifically in the "findOrGenerateVtbURL".

If the Sprint Tracking page does not generate the VTB, there could be other issues if they try to prevent the generation of one of the deleted VTBs and is not recommended.

The board is created the very first time when one of the group members click on Sprint Tracking tab. At that time, if the current user who clicked on it, has one of the 'scrum_master', 'scrum_product_owner', 'scrum_admin' roles, then that user is set as the board owner. If not, the very first member in the group who has scrum_master role is set as the owner, otherwise, checks for scrum_product_owner and eventually for scrum_admin if there's no one with product owner role. If all else fails, then it takes the first member from the group (sorted by user) and sets that person as the owner.

The related code is also found in the "AgileBoardVtb" Script Include with the "_createVtb" method and the "AgileBoardVTBHelper" Script Include which has its "findBoardOwner" method called.

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