This Knowledge article explains how to map a specific PPN to a new Software Model. 

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  1. Make sure that the Entitlement Definition (DMAP) you want is mapped to the correct PPN in the Product Definition Table samp_sw_product_definition
  2. Make sure that the Software Model you want to keep has all the PPN specifications (Edition,Version and Language)
  3. Update the Software Model you want to keep with the needed DMAP. This automatically move the Entitlements, Allocations and published Catalog Item to that Software Model from the unneeded Software Model
  4. You can now delete the unneeded Software Model after deleting the entitlements attached to it.

Additional Information

Please note that the Software model record UI allows the update of the DMAP as long as the new DMAP belongs to the same Software Model Product.

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Last Updated:2020-04-21 05:59:28