SC Categories are only showing the category value but not the value of catalog items in that category

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The cause is for this issue is due to the Instance Page Editor Category "Additional options, JSON format" value being set as follows:

"omit_badges": {
"value": false,
"displayValue": false

This causes the server script in the SC Category Widget to not function as expected and give an unexpected result.



To fix this do the following

  1. On the Service Catalog page, hold control while right clicking on Categories and click Instance in Page Editor

  2. Scroll to the bottom and find the section "Additional options, JSON format"
  3. Fix any value that does not have quotes around it:  Example of what it should look like.
    "omit_badges": {
    "value": "false",
    "displayValue": "false"
  4. Save the changes
  5. Go back to the Service Catalog and refresh the page and the values should now show correctly

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Last Updated:2020-04-21 08:33:18