Catalog Client Scripts does not work in Mobile Apps in Now.

Release or Environment

New York, Orlando


This happened because the Service portal in NOW mobile is based on /mesp.

Service portal uses JS includes and the UI script needs to be added as a JS includes so that it is called in the /mesp portal


In order to fix this issue please perform the following steps.

  1. Go to https://yourinstance.service-now.com/m2m_sp_theme_js_include.do?
  2. Enter all the necessary details including the JS includes.
  3. The JS includes will have the UI script which you have created and is used in the client script.
  4. This will link the UI script with the mobile employee service portal.
  5. Now in order to confirm this check in the sp_theme table where name is Mobile Employee.
  6. Notice that in the related list JS includes the relationship is present.

Additional Information

Please go through the below documentation on more information on the Service Portal dependencies.

Service Portal Dependencies 

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Last Updated:2020-04-20 11:41:51