Loom's solution can accept any textual logs. Short answer is - as long as a human can read it, so can Loom.

Longer answer is that we have worked very hard on building algorithms that understand log structures. Just like a human is able to make good sense out of logs she has never seen before; recognizing timestamps, severities, entities, the general common structure of the logs, lists of key-values and more; so do our algorithms. And we're constantly at work improving our artificial intelligence. However, please note that:

  • English logs are required for some functions to apply (some of our contextual-algorithms only understand English, but we're working on that!)
  • Known formats such as Syslog or CEF make it easier for Loom to understand the separation to applications, services and components within your logs
  • Loom offers a simple-yet-powerful interface to correct or add to the auto-generated structure

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Last Updated:2020-05-19 05:40:58