When using setStringParameter() function in a script to populate fields of an Outbound REST Message configuration, you may try to use escape international / accented characters (like á, à, í, ì, etc.) in a JSON payload. This may result in a failure on the other endpoint or cause escaping issues on ServiceNow instance.


Outbound REST Message configurations can be configured to send out payloads with XML or JSON notation. XML is a strict defined type, and many non-ASCII characters need to be encoded in their unicode equivalent representation (like á -> &#00E0). However, JSON is defined to accept UTF-8 encoded characters by default and does not need escaping. This is defined in the following RFC:


XML character escaping is not valid for JSON notation. Please use setStringParameterNoEscape(), instead of using setStringParameter() to send out accented letters as they are in a string. Payload should be accepted by the target endpoint.

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Last Updated:2020-04-16 04:57:44