Configure automatic mapping between roles in your user directory and roles within Sophie

Release or Environment

Sophie standalone versions 3.4.x - 3.7.x


To have roles in Sophie determined by roles, or attributes of your users in your identity-provider, navigate to the "Identity Providers" page in the webapp, choose your Identity Provider, then the "Mappers" tab.
Click "Create" to create a new Mapper:

There are several Mappers available:

  • Hardcoded User Session Attribute
  • Hardcoded Attribute
  • Hardcoded Role
  • Attribute Importer
  • Claim to Role
  • Username Template Importer

To configure role-mapping, use either the "Hardcoded Role" or the "Claim to Role" Mapper types. Complete the configuration guide and click "save".

Note: these changes will only apply to newly added users

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Last Updated:2020-05-19 05:31:41