When activating Project TeamSpaces and activating the first TeamSpace, a TeamSpace configuration page allows users the ability to update table prefix names, roles, tables and more. Of the options available, TeamSpace Prefix is a field that can be updated. (Note: It is not supported, nor recommended to update the TeamSpace Prefix field as it causes issues with various table connections)


While updating the TeamSpace Prefix will still allow for the creation of Project Status Reports, Status Reports created in the Status Report UI will not show up in the related list 'Status Reports'. When the TeamSpace prefix is changed and a Status Report is created in the UI, it will show up as a selectable Status Report in the dropdown on the UI (top-left). When a Report is created in this way, it will not be associated with the TeamSpace Project Status table (tsp1_project_status) and rather associated with the basic project_status table

When a Status Report is created via the Status Report related list on the TeamSpace Project, it will show up in the related list, as well as in the Project Status Report UI.

While it is not recommended nor supported to modify the TeamSpace Prefix, you may always utilize the Status Report related list to create Status Reports. Creating them on the Project Status UI will not cause issues exactly, however, these reports will not show up in the related list and may cause confusion.

*Another thing you may notice if you have changed your TeamSpace Prefix, is that the related list for Tables (on the TeamSpace configuration) will display 0 tables



To revert your TeamSpace Prefix: 

  1. Navigate to Project Administration > TeamSpaces
  2. Select the Teamspace you wish to modify (You will need to know if the teamspace was originally tsp1, tsp2, etc. If you are unsure which TeamSpace was which, you may inspect the History > List of the TeamSpace config record)
  3. Revert the TeamSpace Prefix value
  4. Update/Save

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