Risk Score is not updated in Vulnerability Group

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The risk score on the Vulnerability group is updated by the schedule job "Rollup vulnerable item values to vulnera" that runs every 15 minutes.

Whenever the risk score on the VIT is updated that is associate to the Vul Group, the Business rules on the VIT will make an entry in the "Vulnerability Update Manifest" table and the above mentioned job would go through the entries on that table and will update the Vulnerability Group.

The schedule job will call the script include "RollupCalculatorUtil" and the function handleRollupManifest() is called first (on line 68).
This in turn calls the _calculateVulnGroupRollups function, and on line 149, the script include is making a call to another script include "VulnerabilityGroup" and the function "updateResolvedGroupIfItemsReopen()" is called which is customized and it is missing the function and therefore the schedule job errors out and the "Update manifest" entries are never processed and the risk score is not updated.

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Last Updated:2020-04-13 13:17:57