This article describes how to configure your Loom instance (Sophie) to show information in your local time zone. 

Release or Environment

The screenshots and information below is relevant to Sophie standalone versions 3.5.x until 3.7.x


To change the default time zone please log in to your Loom instance. 

In the left Menu bar, please select the Settings cog icon. Then the Setting sub menu, followed by the General cog tab.

















You should see a "Timezone:" drop down menu. 

Please select the timezone that fits with your local clock, or the timezone you wish to be using when you are viewing the incidents and raw data in the system. 

Please note that this is NOT changing the time-zone for the raw data that is being sent to Loom, but rather your view of this information. This change affects only your user. 


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Last Updated:2020-04-12 00:01:59