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The Environment:
Agent Workspace | Conversation Monitoring | Active Chat Interactions

Issue Description:
A user with 'awa_manager' role should be able to select Active Chat Interactions to monitor/join the conversation(s). This functionality stops working if the manager closes an Interaction Monitoring tab and tries to open the same one again.

The option to Join as well as the conversation messages fail to load, even after refreshing/navigating to a different list and coming back.

Business Impact:
AWA Manager can no longer monitor the Chat.

Steps to Reproduce

Prerequisite:  Set up Agent Chat for use, if not already (via KB0753173)

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Establish a live Agent Chat session with end user and agent.
  2. In another session, log in/impersonate a user with 'awa_manager' role
  3. As 'awa_manager', navigate to Agent Workspace.
  4. Open the list 'Active Chat Interactions' and select the record.
  5. Close the tab within Workspace and reopen it.

Expected Result:  The manager should be able to see all of the messages, with option to join the conversation.

Actual Result: The chat window will be blank.  No messages can be sent and option to join is missing.


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Related Problem: PRB1385475

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Orlando Patch 3

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