1. Go to any table (sys_user.list)
2. At the top of the table in the list view, find that the default search column can not be specified


  • This is the default behavior and the UI is designed this way
    - The default search column gets set to the field which you use the "sort" for on the list view
    e.g. - If you sort on 'Name', the default column to search will get set as "Name"
    - This all gets set on "User Preference (sys_user_preference)"
    - What you can do is to go to have a default sys_user_preference record for all. Here is how you can do it:

    a) Go to sys_user_preference table
    b) Create a new record
    c) Fill in the fields as below:

    Name - sys_user.db.order (tablename.db.order)
    Value - sys_created_on. (column name you like to default on)
    Type - String
    System - Checked (true)
    d) Save the record

    - So , after doing this, any user logging in new will default on "sys_created_on"

    - if you want to remove the existing user's selection, search for all the user preference with the above Name and delete them before creation of the "System User Preference" in above steps.
  • Note: If user change the sort value, then it will get defaulted to what they selected again.

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Last Updated:2020-04-08 13:53:18