Unable to change the default sort order for Portfolio’s when Detail Row System property is used

The issue appears to show the Name field not displaying in the list view but rather the number and short description get concatenated. 



The system property "detail_row" was causing the "Name" field which is of type "short description" as a description for the field "Number".


There are few ways to solve this issue

1). If you do not want to split number and description in the list and want to keep the "detail row" system property and sort the table by "short description" we can achieve that by following steps:

1). Navigate to the table example pm_project.
2). On the top left corner, click on the "Show/hide filter" button (funnel icon)
3). After clicking the icon, click on the "Add sort" button.
4). You should see "Order results by following fields", Select "short description" and select the order a or z to a
5). Select Run
6). The list is sorted by the program name.

The Short Description field can have a different label name so please select that name while sorting.

2). Deactivating the System property "glide.ui.list_row" which will show the Description and Number in different columns

Doing this would affect all the tables in the global application scope, therefore you can change the scope of the application for the system property.

Additional Information

You may find the following documentation useful for future reference:



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