Currency field values appear different from default currency in the exported records. Default currency field value is USD when viewed from the from but appears as POUND in the exported records.


Release or Environment

New York Patch 5


Browser locale is NOT set to English (United states)


Currency field values appear in the exported records depending on the below hierarchy. Since the glide.i18n.single_currency = False, system considers the users logged in currency based on the following order:

1. User record in which both country and language are specified.( User had Country code "System US" and language as "English")
2. System locale set using the glide.system.locale property.(Is not set in the instance)
3. Browser locale.

If 1 and 2 from above options doesn't match , use the below method to set the Browser locale and then export the records once again. Now the currency field values appear based on browser locale which is USD.

How to change browser locale?
Open any browser -> Settings -> Appearance ( in the left) ---> click on it --> In the right panel click on Advanced --> languages -> Move the locale "English (United states)" to the top in the language list by doing a click on vertical dotted bar.

Restart the browser 

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