Upon clicking the Toggle Template bar for the context menu, the template bar does not appear on the form (ex - incident form)

It should come up as below. Sometime the template bar will not show up.


Also, when you view the incident record in Agent Workspace, the Template option is not visible in declarative action list on the right side of the form.

Release or Environment

All supported releases and versions


  1. This could happen if the UI macro template_context is customized.
  2. Check if the declarative action definition has a workspace defined, and declarative action assignment is defined for incident table.
    You need to check here -
  3. Setting the property - glide.ui.show_template_bar this property to false can also hide the template bar and the declarative action from workspace.



  1. If the UI macro is customized try reverting or importing once from an OOB instance. (make sure that the instance are on same release and version)
  2. If the incident table is not added in the declarative action assignment, try adding it.
  3. Also set the workspace for the declarative action definition to Agent Workspace
  4. Change the property value for glide.ui.show_template_bar this property to true.

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Last Updated:2020-06-08 23:34:54