Zero width space (​) in inbound email gets translated to question mark
We are seeing situations where certain versions of Microsoft Outlook insert "​" at the beginning of emails. This is the Unicode Character for ZERO WIDTH SPACE. ServiceNow is translating this character into a question mark which appears at the beginning of the comment.

Steps to Reproduce

1) Log into a madrid patch 10 instance or any other instance's version which suspicions of be facing this issue.
2) Create an email to the instance with the purpose of creating a new incident.

3) Ensure  you include this string "​" in the body
4) Inspect the content of the email body and the ticket  created and its comment:

ISSUE: You can notice "​" is being translated into a question mark:


email Body:
<p>&#8203; line one.<br>
<p>line two.<br>

Incident update to:

?This is line one.
This is line two.


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