Asset CI Field Mapping form does not prevent adding mappings that are already covered by the Install Status- and Hardware Status-specific Mapping tables

For example, it is possible to add a Field Mapping for CMDB Status [cmdb_ci.install_status] to Asset Status [alm_asset.install_status]. This will override the Install Status- and Hardware Status-specific Mapping tables, and cause CI field numeric values to be copied into Asset fields, which expect string values, so appearing as invalid choices like "(100)".

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Asset - Administration - Asset-CI Field Mapping, click New
  2. Asset Field = State, Configuration Item field = State, Save
  3. Update a CI to e.g. Status = Absent

The linked Asset will now have broken invalid value "100", instead of the expected equivalent asset choice value for absent as defined by the other status specific field value mapping tables.


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If you have added custom field mappings for any of these fields, please remove them to resolve issues caused by them:

Related Problem: PRB1394774

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