In Orlando, when setting your user-specific date/time preference to "Both", you are unable to load Service Maps.

Steps to Reproduce

On an Orlando instance
Imperesonate a User, and change their date/time preference to "Both": System Settings (Cog) -> General -> Date/Time = Both
Load an Application Service map.

Expected behaviour: The map displays with all nodes and relationships
Actual Behaviour: You are stuck on "Loading Service Map..." , which never loads. Browser javascript console gives error:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'dateBoth' of undefined


This problem is currently under review. You can contact ServiceNow Technical Support or subscribe to this Known Error article by clicking the Subscribe button at the top right of this form to be notified when more information will become available..

The workaround is to avoid using "Both" and change date/time user preference to either "Calendar" or "Time Ago".

Related Problem: PRB1394622

Seen In

SR - IntegrationHub - JIRA Service Desk Integration r2 - v2.0.0
SR - ITOM - CMDB CI Class Models - 201907
SR - ITOM - CMDB CI Class Models - 201909
SR - ITOM - Discovery and Service Mapping - 201908
SR - ITOM - Discovery and Service Mapping - v1.0.35

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